Gare Rama has been performing music for around 30 years in many guises and styles. He has released several recordings, on his own and with Where Next Columbus?, The Gobi Desert Canoe Club and the highly successful samba-punk band Bloco Vomit. He is based at present in Edinburgh.

In 2004, he released his first solo album for 10 years Walking With Pixies. He then continued his stream of creativity and recorded Free and Just Like The River. Instrumentally, he is mostly vocals and guitars based, but uses an assortment of percussion from Brazil, Africa and India. Lyrically, his songs warn us that we are abusing this planet just a little too much, whilst others bring us optimism. Musically, there is a diverse range, from folk to punk to pop to avant garde to rock ballads to things you can't pigeon hole.

Gare Rama at the Cafe Royal, Edinburgh 2001