Gare Rama

Just Like The River (CD-R - 2007)

Gare Rama - Free (2nd cd)

Tracklisting - Other Side of Winter, Continued, A Step Outside, Song Bird, Real Eyes, River Songs 1: Prelude, River Songs 2: Just Like The River, River Songs 3: Departing Day, Do You Know?, First Day of March, Rejoice. Last Day of February, I Could.

Recorded between 2005 and 2006. Featuring 10 songs written during this period and 3 written in the 90s. A lot more percussion than in previous cds, but the songs remain mostly guitars and vocal based. From the opening track's Spring awakening through the reflectiveness of Departing Day to the positive closing track, there is more depth in the lyrics as well as the musical content.

Downloads from this cd
The following complete songs can be downloaded. They are in mp3 format at 128kbs:

Free (CD-R - 2005)

Gare Rama - Free (2nd cd)

Tracklisting - GW Etc, Maze, Leave Me In This Cloud, Other World, Another Barrel, Waiting For Death To Arrive, Mindphuck, Return To The Path, I Once Owned A Castle, Winter Song, Free, Freak Out!, I Don't Know.

Carrying on from where he left us with the 1st cd. Recorded at home on more than 4 tracks June - November 2004. A selection of newish songs and a couple of reworks from previous incarnations. On the whole, not as mellow as the previous release. The sound quality is better and there is a larger range of guitars and percussion, with the addition of a bass and drum machine. Some more pagan/nature themes, childhood themes, and a few questioning the state of this screwed up planet.

Downloads from this cd
The following complete songs can be downloaded. They are in mp3 format at 128kbs:

Walking With Pixies (CD-R - 2004)

Gare Rama - Walking With Pixies

Tracklisting - Walking With Pixies, Every Gap, Alright, This Time, Only Way Forward, Another Pagan Day, Drifter In The Sea of Life, Lost In The Sea, Draw It Down, Light of You, People Upstairs, Home, World of Trees, Purest White, On A Thinking Spree, Shine, Back To Earth.

First solo offering for 10 years. Recorded at home on a 4 track May - July 2003, with a few pieces recorded between 1998 and 1999. Gare plays all percussion, guitar and sings a mixed selection of pieces written in his absence from recording. Lyrically, there is a pagan/nature theme throughout most of the songs and is musically more folky. The songs are more developed and mature. The sound quality of the recordings exceeds previous albums, released under the guise of Pearsongs Inc. Nonetheless, there is still a DIY element.

All 3 CDs are available for £3.33 inc. p & p (UK), £3.66 (Europe), £4.44 (rest of the world) each from: Email: GARY AT GARE RAMA DOT COM

Pearsongs Inc

Pearsings (Cassette 1989 - soon to be released on CD-R)

Pearsongs Inc - Pearsings

Tracklisting - Second Sight, Shepherd Song, Light At The End Of The Tunnel, No Questions - No Answers, You Only Live Once, Now What Was That You Said?, Wake Up, Day Ov Thee Wolves, Keep On Digging, 16 Seasons, Critical Mass, Seminary Orgy, Nothing Is Impossible, Wrapped, Black Circle.

Limited to recording equipment, this was recorded at home, using 2 cassette decks during March 1989. A selection of punk, pop and experimental pieces, using vocals, guitars and drum machine.

In Thee Musick Room (Cassette 1989 - soon to be released on CD-R)

Pearsongs Inc - In Thee Musick Room

Tracklisting - Dressed in Black, Open Eyes, Square Root of 529, No 2, Fire in Your Eyes 1, Reprise, Today, Laing Sight, Holocaust, Psycho Drainpipes, Julia Says, 12 Years On, Fire in Your Eyes 2.

Continuing from where he left off with Pearsings, this was recorded at home between April and June 1989. Again recorded at home, using 2 cassette decks, using vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards and drum machine. Another variety of punk, pop and experimental.

Weary Ways of the World (Cassette 1990 - soon to be released on CD-R)

Pearsongs Inc - Weary Ways of the World

Tracklisting - Gallery of Dreams, When Will We Learn?, Living a Lie, Enticement, The Visitor, Full Moon, Sacred, Messiah, Burn The Witch, Outside The Temple, Anti-War Song, One Day, Waiting For Death to Arrive, Half Moon, Freak Out!.

With a break of 2 months over the height of summer, Gary brought the guitars, bass, keyboards, drum machine and voice out again to produce this on his well acquainted cassette decks. More punk, pop, experimental and hints of electronic, recorded between September 1989 - January 1990.

AUM (Cassette 1990 - soon to be released on CD-R)

Pearsongs Inc - AUM

Tracklisting - Intro, Hour Glass, When Will We Learn, River People, Julia Says, Infinite E, Happy Song, Dream, Outro, Out of Touch (Instrumental), Mind in a Minefield, Wrapped, As It Is Above, Mindfuck, Nothing Is Impossible, Transmission One, Sleepless Night, We Are The Women, Too Much Green, Love Now Die Later, Out of Touch, Drowning Man, Shroom Magus.

Abandoning the cassette decks for the first half of this album, Gary progresses onto the 4 track. With access now to MIDI sequencing, using electronic layers providing rhythms and keyboard melodies. These are either stand alone instrumentals or accompanying his voice and guitar. The second half was recorded back at home with 2 cassette decks and is a mixture of experimental and pop pieces. Recorded at various times throughout 1990.

Smile (Cassette 1991 - soon to be released on CD-R)

Pearsongs Inc - Smile

Tracklisting - The Zoo, Kosmik Trigger, Touch, Chinese Daze, Misty, Tues 18th, Blue Candle, Island (In My Heart), Power of Fate, U Can B U, Toon For David, Blossoms, Sweet 16.

Without a break, Gary launched into his next album. This time, all recorded on 4 track, using a lot of sequencing with rhythms and keyboard layers. A large proportion of this album are instrumentals, there are 3 songs with guitar and vocals accompanying. A lot more electronic, melodic in places, whilst experimental/industrial in others. Recorded between October 1990 and May 1991, featuring a couple of collaborations with Robin Miller (where are you now?).

Love Sex Death (Cassette 1994 - soon to be released on CD-R)

Pearsongs Inc - Love Sex Death

Tracklisting - First, Torch, Sally's Deli, (Unlock thee) Gate in my Head, Intermission 1, Illuminati in my Cupboard, History Reveals Herself, Conspiring Fungi, Pleasure Vacuum, Mindfuck, Intermission 2, Find. Nature's God, Alice, X.

Similiar in style to the previous offering, this is the last of Gary's electronic phase. There are no songs here, just instrumentals, flowing from ambient to experimental to dancey. The guitar is not neglected and makes it's appearance along with the bass guitar on a few occasions. Recorded between January 1992 and June 1993.

What Others Cannot See (Cassette 1994 - soon to be released on CD-R)

Pearsongs Inc - What Others Cannot See

Tracklisting - Language, Rejoice, Faith & Love, By The Riverside, Cry Cry Cry, Two in One, Still Believe, Town Called Hope, Nocturnal Vu, Slip Away, Hard Life, Real Eyes, Can We Reflect?, Miss, Star.

Back to basics, he gets the two cassette decks out and records this in March and June 1994 with vocals and acoustic guitars. He does get onto a 4 track for a couple of songs. This is the last of his solo work for a decade.

Where Next Columbus?

Where Next Columbus? started recording after many incarnations going back to 1982. They were a trio, consisting of Gary Pearson - guitar and vocals, David Honeyman - drums and backing vocals, Jeff Cullen - bass on The View and David Bowles - bass on the rest. With lyrics and music written mostly by Gary Pearson, influences include punk; progressive and acid/space rock; indie-pop (of the time); psychedelia; and garage.

They split up in 1987 and reformed for a couple of performances in 1990 and 1991. At the end of 2003, Gary reunited with David Honeyman on drums and have been rehearsing, with the odd performance, under phase 3 of Where Next Columbus?. Paul Chambers now plays lead guitar and Mick the Maestro Hastie on bass. They are planning to record their debut cd this summer (2005).

The View (Cassette 1985)

Recorded live at Evenload studios, Auldhouse in June 1985.

Tracklisting - Do You Remember Beauty?, Lifefever, Cinderella Song, Waking Up To The System's Tricks, Messiah.

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Songs From The Attic (Cassette 1986)

Recorded on a 4 track, February - March 1986. Davy Bowles now plays the bass.

Tracklisting - Quality Street, Do You Remember Beauty?, Critical Mass, Man In The Mirror, Blood On The Tracks, Cinderella Song, Where In The World Are You?, Lifefever, Waking Up To The System's Tricks, Messiah, Freak Out!, Sweet 16, New World, The World Is No Ashtray, Laing Sight, Waking Up To The Psychedelic Disco Mix, This Way To The Sun, The Waiting Room (Part 1 - Down With A Frown / Part 2 - 16 Seasons / Part 3 - Game, Set & Match), Let's Go With Laing.

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More Songs From The Attic (Cassette 1986)

Recorded on a 4 track, October 1986.

Tracklisting - Julia Says, Think For Yourself, Finale.

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The Gobi Desert Canoe Club

The Gobi Desert Canoe Club existed between 1987 and 1990. Gary and Lisa T played guitar and sang, they were accompanied by a drum machine (a primitive Dr Rhythm and then upgraded to a TR505?). They were later joined with Calum McKenzie on bass and Heather Scott on backing vocals. Gary and Lisa shared the songwriting. There style was punky, gothy, industial, poppy.

Introduction (Cassette 1988)

Gobi Desert Canoe Club - Introduction cassette cover

Recorded on a 4 track in January 1988, half Gary's songs, half Lisas.

Tracklisting - Telekinesis, Psycho Drainpipes, Winds of Time, May The Force B With U, Lazy Afternoon, All The Best.

Pictures of Smelly Slippers Sell Demos (Cassette 1988)

Recorded live at Gary's July 1988.

Gobi Desert Canoe Club - Pictures of Smelly Slippers Sells Demos Cassette cover

Tracklisting - New World, Imagination, Remove the Mask, Pagan Skies, Nightmare, A Walk Through The Town Centre.

Vanity Fair (Cassette 1988)

Recorded at Evenload Studios October 1988.

Tracklisting - Nightmare, Psycho Drainpipes, Imagination, A Walk Through The Town Centre.

Hope (Vinyl 1990)

And The Wolves Shall Lick The Jewels From Your Belly

Appears on ... and the wolves shall lick the jewels from your belly compilation, released on Cold Spring Records. Recorded at Sing Sings studios, Glasgow, February 1990. Calum McKenzie now plays bass and Lisa plays the keyboard.

Demo 4 (Cassette 1990)

Recorded at Sing Sings studios, Glasgow, March 1990.

Tracklisting - Echoes of a Banshee, Second Sight, Remove The Mask.

Bloco Vomit

Never Mind the Bossa Nova ... Here's Bloco Vomit (CD 1998)

Bloco Vomit - Never Mind The Bossa Nova

Bloco Vomit play a mixture of samba and punk. Gary plays guitar and sings, accompanied by 3 other singers, a trumpet and several Brazilian drums. Formed in 1995 by Gary and Ian Heavens. They are still in existance, with world tours behind them and 15 minute fame in Brazil. Visit their website to learn more.

Recorded at Chamber Studios, Edinburgh, June and September 1997. All the songs are covers (Crass, Jilted John, The Undertones, Junior Murvin, Sex Pistols, Siouxsie and the Banshees, X-Ray Specs, Alternative TV, Traditional, The Clash, Jonathon Richman and the Modern Lovers, Dudu Tucci respectively).

Tracklisting - Do They Owe Us A Living?, Jilted John, Teenage Kicks, Police and Thieves, Pretty Vacant, Metal Postcard, Oh Bondage Up Yours, Love Lies Limp, Gambinda Nova, Should I Stay Or Should I Go?, Roadrunner, DT's in Droichead.

Play This Ya Bastard! (CD 1999)

Bloco Vomit - Play This Ya Bastard

Recorded at Chamber Studios, Edinburgh, October 1998. Most of the songs are covers (Richard Berry/The Sonics, Buddy Holly/Rolling Stones, Dead Kennedys, Bloco Vomit orignal, Eddie Cochrane, Bloco Vomit original inspired by Chico Science, Crass, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chip Taylor/Richard Berry respectively).

Tracklisting - Have Love Will Travel, Not Fade Away, California Uber Alles, Carnival in Olinda, Something Else, Methadone Maracatu, Do They Owe Us A Living?, Sweet Transvestite, Wild Thing/Louie Louie.

.vom (CD 2001)

Bloco Vomit -  .vom

Recorded at Ben's studio, Edinburgh, December 1999 and January 2000. The first and last songs are covers (David Bowie and Van Morrison/Patti Smith respectively).

The rest are there own compostions, O Econtro... is also inspired by Chico Science.

Tracklisting - Man Who Sold The World, No Immunity, O Encontro de Ian Heavens com Chico Science no ceu, Gloria.

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